Waste Management

Waste Management

At IDEAL Facilities Management we work to minimise the impact of waste disposal on the environment. We have developed best practices for our business activities with an aim to be more environmentally friendly and reduce our carbon footprint.

We have robust systems in place designed to ensure that we fulfil our duty of care towards the environment and comply with environmental performance standards set by the government regulatory bodies.

We are continually improving our policies with an aim to becoming an ISO14001 accredited organisation and therefore we continuously monitor and review our environmental performance against a series of key performance indicators.

Our policy for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) helps us to comply with laws, ethical standards and international norms. We embrace our responsibilities and the impact our activities have on the environment. We also aim to promote public awareness of environmental issues and encourage the growth of a community that voluntarily cares for the environment.

Waste generated at festivals is one of the most prominent environmental impacts that festivals have. Not only is there a great deal of waste generated at many events, it is the most visible impact to the festival-goer. Besides the unsightly factor of waste, it can also pose health risks. This is also one of the most costly expenses for festivals and should be given careful consideration in the planning process.

Most festivals are now implementing some form of environmentally aware waste management schemes. IDEAL Facilities Management believe we lead the way in this field.

Festival Organisers can consider:


Through our partners Ideal Facilities Management Ltd can collect and recycle general non-hazardous waste in a variety of ways from sacks to wheelie bins through FEL and RORO containers. General waste is very similar to Mixed Municipal waste or the waste collected from households and therefore contains a large proportion of recyclable materials. All waste collected is returned to the Materials Recycling Facility, where through a mechanical and manual process recyclables such as wood, plastic, cardboard, paper, metals, and glass are separated.

We collect waste from a wide variety of commercial premises from corner shops to multinational organisations and plcs, with each customer receiving a dedicated and reliable service.

Ideal Facilities Management have been recycling waste in this way since we started business in 2010, however our partners have been in operation for over 20years, well before it became a requirement to pre-treat waste in the changes to the Landfill Directive in October 2007.

Ideal Facilities Management through its partners are always looking to the future to utilise the best technology as is demonstrated with our future plans and our target of Zero landfill by 2012 with Ideal Facilities Management you can be sure your materials are being recycled to the maximum.

Ideal Facilities Management can provide a collection service for any organisation that separates and bales recyclable materials including cardboard bales and plastic bales. For those companies who separate their waste but only have a small quantity, we offer a bag delivery and collection service. We can collect on an ad hoc or planned basis.